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Inspection Points

                             Why hire a licensed/certified home inspector?

Structure: I complete a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the structure from the attic to the foundation                                    Roofs: I dilligently inspect both sides of the roof including the type, style, layers, quality, installation and more.  


Electrical: I check the entire electrical system looking for issues such as branched aluminum wiring, double taped breakers, undersized wires, ungrounded service & more!                            

Heating & Cooling: I look at the age, condition and safety of the entire heating/cooling system and the water heater.  In most cases these are the most used appliances in the home.  The wrong burn pattern or moisture production can cause premature heat exchanger failure and potentially carbon monoxide concerns.     


Plumbing: Does your new house have galvinized plumbing?  Replacing galvinized plumbing is a common and expensive issue with older houses.  My Inspection includes a detailed description of the age, style and condition of the entire plumbing system, water flow, water pressure and a check for adequate drainage. 

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