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Buyers / Sellers

 Buying your home,

The inspection is an analysis of potential structural, health, safety and fire hazards which could endanger your family or home.  The inspection provides a solid foundation of knowledge about your new home as well as an understanding of its components and systems.  I will also provide you with additional information and valuable knowledge on maintenance to help protect and preserve your investment for years to come.

Inspections can save you money:

When I uncover a previously unknown issue with a home, many times the seller will offer a discount off of the previously agreed upon sale price equal to the cost of replacing or repairing the defective issue.  In one case, I had a client who after my inspection re-negotiated the sale price of their new home and saved $24,000, the estimated cost of replacing the roof and the defective LP siding!

Selling your home:

The Pre-sale home inspection offers a great marketing tool which gives you a competitive advantage over other homes on the market.  In many cases a Pre-sale home inspection may help you sell your home faster and even at a higher price!  The inspection provides for full disclosure which will give the buyer piece of mind.  It will also give you the opportunity to make repairs and ensure no surprises come up once you accept an offer.  Pre-sale inspections are always a wise decision for all home owners and can even limit potential liability in the future.